Uses Spark client to view the XMPP stanzas and to send customized stanzas

XMPP is a protocol for IM (instant messaging), you can find more about it at:

When you are learning the XMPP specifications, you may like (1) to view the XMPP stanzas which are sent and received; (2) to send some customized stanzas to check what will happen under specific condition.

Fortunately, you can get such a XMPP client for free and without writing code, that’s the Spark client which is an open source project and can run on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. here is its link: .

Views the traffic of XMPP stanzas

This is how the UI for viewing stanzas traffice looks like:


Sends customized XMPP stanzas

You can send customized XMPP stanzas like this:


(Notes: if you send an invalid XMPP stanza, the ongoing XMPP connection will be broken.)

The way to enable it

These two debugging functions are not enabled by default, you need to follow this to enable them:

  1. When in the Log In view, click button Advanced.
  2. In the new pop-up dialog, check the “Start debugger on startup”.
  3. Then the “Spark debug windows” which you can view the stanzas traffic will be opened.
  4. To send customized stanzas, click menu Spark -> Send packets.

This is the illustration for enable the debugging:


Needs an XMPP account?

You can register  XMPP accounts for free. You can choose one of the XMPP servers listed in these links:


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