FWD: Are you too busy to improve?


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Maxim related: A beard well lathered is half shaved.


FWD: How I’m always on time

How I’m always on time

How I’m always on time

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FWD: Should the boss have all the answers?

Should the boss have all the answers? Over half million people answered.


Should the boss have all the answers

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Run XMPP Spark client via Eclipse

This item describes how to develop and debug the XMPP Spark client via Eclipse.

OS: Mac OS X 10.9.3
Java: Java 6 64-Bit
Eclipse: Eclipse Juno

See the this wiki item in my Trac for detail: http://trac.konca.com/wiki/RunSparkViaEclipse

Uses Spark client to view the XMPP stanzas and to send customized stanzas

XMPP is a protocol for IM (instant messaging), you can find more about it at: http://xmpp.org/

When you are learning the XMPP specifications, you may like (1) to view the XMPP stanzas which are sent and received; (2) to send some customized stanzas to check what will happen under specific condition.

Fortunately, you can get such a XMPP client for free and without writing code, that’s the Spark client which is an open source project and can run on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. here is its link: http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/spark/index.jsp . Read the rest of this entry »

Fwd: My time management


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A brief portraiture of Procrastination? / 拖延症的写照?

Fwd: It doesn’t matter how many resources you have


“It doesn’t matter how many resources you have.” – Manan Vora

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Fwd: Equality – Justice


Equality – Justice

公平 - 正义

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Fwd: Information, knowledge, wisdom


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Fwd: Books give you a better perspective


Books give you a better perspective. (via Rachel Walker).

Upgrades iOS through an intermediate version

Last Saturday a friend of mine asked me to help solving the problem that she couldn’t see any images in the WeChat app on her iPhone 4S.

I found that this iPhone 4S was running with iOS 5.0 which is behind the times, and I thought that this is the reason. Then I clicked the Settings app and found that the iOS prompted that it could upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 instead to iOS 7 — this surprised me. And I let it to upgrade. A short while after the successful upgrade to iOS 6.1.3, iPhone 4S prompted that it could upgrade to iOS 7.0.6 — I certainly ignored this prompt and advise my friend not to upgrade to iOS 7.

In summary, Apple introduces an intermediate version (6.1.3) to let iPhone 4S which is running iOS 5 to upgrade to iOS 7 – two upgrades. It’s a little an annoying for users, but this method

  1. not only reduce the complexity – reduce from maintaining 3 upgrade scenarios (5->6, 5->7, 6->7) to 2 (5->6, 6->7);
  2. but also can provide more security of the data in the device during the upgrade (more scenarios means more possibility to make mistake).

By this experience of upgrading iOS, I recalled that a CT platform I was working for 5 years ago (2009) used this intermediate-version method to upgrade the systems which are residing in operators’ device house and are serving for millions of mobile phone users — we have only about 4 or 5 hours (0:00/1:00 AM to 5:AM) to upgrade the system, and if something go wrong, rollback must be applied.

Installs Trac and Graphviz plugin in DreamHost

I installed Trac 0.11.7 and the Graphviz plugin to a web site which is hosting in DreamHost’s (shared web hosting, not VPS).

This  is the illustration page : TracGraphvizPlugin

The following is  the draft note. Read the rest of this entry »

Draws UML Class Diagram with Graphviz

When I was studying OpenNMS in 2011, I found a database schema diagram of it(the link).

It’s generated by SchemaSpy who dumps the relationships between the tables (by Foreign Keys) and generates “dot” files and use Graphviz to convert these files to graphs.

So I knew about two powerful applications:

  1. SchemaSpy (It’s console application, there is a GUI wrapper for it: SchemaSpyGUI)
  2. Graphviz.

By using Graphviz, we can draw certain types of UML diagrams, like Class Diagram.

This is the example:


And this is the Graphviz DOT script of it: Read the rest of this entry »


今天收到从广州寄过来的一对PSB Alpha B1书架音箱,加上前个周日买的ALTEC LANSING 9444B,凑成了我的第一套音响。








The Maven compilation files for OneCMDB

Here comes the Maven compilation files for OneCMDB.

OneCMDB is an Open Source CMDB, Configuration Management Database published under GPL Version 2.

It was developed by Lokomo Systems AB and its homepage is http://www.onecmdb.org/ .

OneCMDB is excellent so deserve studying. (Thank you for opening the source codes, Lokomo!)

A runnable and debuggable project will be of great help when reading the source codes.

Unfortunately, although Lokomo provides the source codes in the installation package, it lacks the compilation files.

I want to understand the source codes of OneCMDB well so I tried to compile OneCMDB with Maven.

And I succeeded in compiling it and running it in Eclipse Indigo after many attempts.

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我今天(美国加州时间2011年11月27日)到斯坦福大学闲逛了一下,这是我第一次到斯坦福大学,因为准备不足,只逛了以Memorial Court和Main Quad为中心的一小圈——斯坦福实在是大。


10:00来到Memorial Court,18:00离开,回到宿舍已经很晚,无暇整理照片,下面简单分享几张:

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消息虽然振奋人心,不过媒体还算冷静,随即有文章如《GDP居世界第二被指意义不大 多领域落后》 “人均GDP不到日本1/10”等。





 排名 国家  GDP(单位:亿美元)
 1  美国  145265.50
 2  中国  58782.57
 3  日本  54587.97
 22 瑞典  4587.25


排名 国家 GDP(单位:美元)
8 瑞典 49183
10 美国 46860
17 日本 42783
91 中国 4382


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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish—-记乔布斯逝世

今天(北京时间2011106日)是麦金塔(Macintosh)电脑、iPodiTunes StoreiPhoneiPad等知名数字产品的缔造者乔布斯逝世的日子。(乔布斯是于美国时间105日逝世的)


点击照片就会进入悼念乔布斯的页面,英中文版本分别如下: Read the rest of this entry »







注意到垃圾推车是分黑、蓝、红三种颜色没有? Read the rest of this entry »


出差到西安三个星期了 一直没发博文,趁在华山东峰封顶发一篇以作纪念。

昨晚11:30开爬 今早五点半到东峰顶 但天公不作美 看不到太阳的脸,但这并遗憾,因为攀爬的过程已经够回味的了。